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Open Access Rail Research

Looking to widen your horizons in rail research? Wondering what scientists and researchers can still contribute to the field? Have a look at our (random) selection of 5 recently published original papers on rail research.

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Bluetooth and biometric ticketing: industry sets out blueprint for Britain’s railway

The rail industry has gathered today to set out a blueprint on how technology can address challenges facing Britain’s railway.

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The extensive innovations in railway digitalisation and how best to utilise and demonstrate them

Today's article features a blog post from Graham Ellis, who has recently realised just how far-reaching railway digitalisation will become.

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How could one novel solution transform the future of cargo using our railways?

An innovative new system to stow seats within passenger train carriages to create space for cargo is now available for train operating companies to trial.

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Smarter Travel: The future of ticketing

The audit company PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) published its fifth edition of its Annual Smart Ticketing Survey last week.

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Our website is not just about news, events and articles, we also share publications written by our members.

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